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Pet Booster Seat


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Prestige Perfection Australia Has The Perfect Solution

Prestige Perfection Australia has designed and engineered the finest Premium Pet Booster Seat through years of research. The goal was to bring Australian pet owners an affordable product that would benefit your everyday lives whilst also being able to use the highest quality materials.

Your front and back seats are 100% protected when the Premium Pet Booster Seat is installed. This is achieved by your pet sitting in the booster seat instead of sitting directly on the seat material. This protects your car seats from muddy paws, scratch marks and sand. The fantastic thing about the Premium Pet Booster Seat is you can use it for the front and backseats so you are not limited to a specific area of the car, giving you an option.

The Premium Pet Booster Seat can only be used on pets that are able to fit on a single seat alone. Therefore all larger pets will not be able to use the Premium Pet Booster Seat.


Just The Thing You Need

No more mud stains

Say goodbye to mud stains from muddy paws

Dog Security

Your dog will be secure and won’t be able to distract you while driving


One size fits all meaning you can use it for any car

Easily Cleaned

Just like magic, Very Easy to install and clean


Made with a waterproof material providing extra protection

Easily Installed

Can be installed and removed from the car in seconds


Simply wrap the back strap around the headrest of the backseat and the front strap around the headrest of the front seat. This is all that is required for installing the Premium Pet Booster Seat into the car. The booster seat has been designed so that the straps are a perfect fit for any car, this enables anyone to use it. Once you have finished installing the Premium Pet Booster Seat into the car you can just place your dog inside and become one step closer to setting off in your journey.


Once you’ve placed your dog inside of the Premium Pet Booster Seat you can then attach the inside strap to your pets’ harness or collar. This stops your dog from moving around the backseats and potentially distracting you whilst driving. The inside strap also acts as a seatbelt giving your pet extra protection throughout the trip.

Your Journey Awaits

Now that you have successfully installed the Premium Pet Booster Seat into the car with your pet strapped in you are ready to proceed with the journey ahead. The booster seat allows you to protect your car seats very easily as all mud, sand and hairs are caught inside of it. You simply just take it out of the car and give it a shake which removes the mud, sand and hair that is has inside. You could also give it a wipe down if it is needed.

Design Advantages

Giving Your Pet The Premium Pet Booster Seat


Buy Pet Booster Seat Online In Australia

The material is waterproof so it protects the seats against any liquids.

Made with the finest polyester giving your pet nothing but the best.

Is very soft and gives your pet comfort making it the perfect car ride.

Has a pocket at the front to give you some storage space.

To install in the front seat you just simply put both straps around the headrest making installation very simple for everyone.

Your Pets Safety

Keeping Your Pet 100% Secure

Restraining your dog will provide a number of safety benefits to both your dog and the occupants of the vehicle. RSPCA statistics reveal that around 5000 dogs each year are injured or killed in Australia as a result of falling from a moving vehicle.

Properly restrained dogs cannot move around inside the vehicle and will therefore reduce distraction to the driver.

In a crash or under heavy braking, a properly restrained dog is less likely to become airborne decreasing the risk of serious injury to the dog, the driver and other passengers or other vehicles.

Restraining your dog may also prevent it from jumping out of the car’s window which could cause injury to the dog or other road users.