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Pet Car Seat Protector


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Prestige Perfection Australia Has The Perfect Solution

Making Australians Our #1 Priority

Prestige Perfection Australia has designed and engineered the finest pet car seat cover through years of research. The goal was to bring Australian pet owners an affordable product that would benefit your everyday lives whilst also being able to use the highest quality materials.

Your back seats are 100% protected when the Pet Car Seat Protector is installed. This is achieved by the cover acting as a hammock when the two side flaps are zipped up protecting the seats and the doors from scratch marks and any stains. There are also holes to allow your seat belts to be worn which is maintaining the safety in the car for your pet.

After using the Pet Car Seat Protector you can simply take it off in seconds and quickly shake it to remove any pet hair or dirt, you can always give it a wipe down as well to give it a full clean. It is machine washable however put it on a gentle cycle and then hang it out to dry.


Just The Thing You Need

No more mud stains

Say goodbye to mud stains from muddy paws

No dog hairs

Annoying dog hairs will no longer need to be vacuumed

Dog Security

Your dog will be secure and won’t be able to distract you while driving


One size fits all meaning you can use it for any car

Easily cleaned

Just like magic, Very Easy to install and clean


Made with a waterproof material providing extra protection

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The material is highly waterproof. No water will leak through onto your seats and cause them to be damaged. If any liquids are spilled on the Pet Car Seat Protector it is very easily cleaned by a towel with no mess. The material is also scratch proof due to it being exceptionally durable allowing you to use the Pet Car Seat Protector for many years to come. So you don’t have to worry about your pet’s claws damaging the material.

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Your pet’s safety is our top priority that is why we have designed the product with an opening for the seat belt to poke through so you can strap your pet in for the journey. Some might say that they don’t have a seat belt for their pet well lucky for you with every purchase of the Pet Car Seat Protector we give you a free pet seat belt. Our gift is our way of making sure that the pets who are our customers are 100% safe.

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Once finished using the Pet Car Seat Protector you simply take it out of the car and give it a shake removing any hairs, sand or dirt. If there is mud still left on there you can give it a light clean with a wipe or simply put it in the washing machine on a gentle wash. When it is all cleaned fold it into a neat square and place it into the boot of your car ready for it’s next use.

Highest Quality Material & Design

Giving Your Pet The Best 4 Layered Car Seat Cover

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The top layer is made of a waterproof material which stops the water from your pet soaking through and into the seats below.


To give your pet comfort whilst travelling in the car the second layer has a soft cotton padding.

Extra Waterproofing:

The third layer is an extra waterproofing layer which will stop any moisture that has managed to creep through giving your seats extra security.

Non-Slip Backing:

The bottom layer is non-slip meaning it wont move around on the backseats and it is also heat resistant allowing you to use it Pet Car Seat Protector on hot days.

Your Pets Safety

Keeping Your Pet 100% Secure

Restraining your dog will provide a number of safety benefits to both your dog and the occupants of the vehicle. RSPCA statistics reveal that around 5000 dogs each year are injured or killed in Australia as a result of falling from a moving vehicle.

Properly restrained dogs cannot move around inside the vehicle and will therefore reduce distraction to the driver.

In a crash or under heavy braking, a properly restrained dog is less likely to become airborne decreasing the risk of serious injury to the dog, the driver and other passengers or other vehicles.

Restraining your dog may also prevent it from jumping out of the car’s window which could cause injury to the dog or other road users.