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Custom Made Luxury Base Boot/Trunk Mat

– Custom made as per your specific exact boot measurements.
– Available for over 2000 vehicles
– Precision fit with supreme coverage.
– Quick and easy to install – Less than 2 minutes per boot/trunk
– Very easily maintained and hassle-free cleaning.
– Waterproof, stainproof, scratch-resistant and anti-slip.

Our luxury custom made base boot/trunk mats provide the ultimate in class and protection for your vehicles boot/trunk. This product is specifically designed and built for your specific vehicles boot/trunk and covers the flooring of your boot/trunk.

– Anti-slip bottom: This helps the mats to adhere firmly to the floor of your boot/trunk.
– Soft durable sponge layer: Helps to increase the durability and smoothness for your product
– Solid polypropylene resin: Adds extra durability as well as providing heat compression and resistance
– High density memory foam: Helps the mats to have high elasticity and increases sound insulation
– Premium extra durable eco leather on top: This layer is hydrophobic, scratch resistant, dirt repelling, shock absorbing and adds the unique luxury look.

Why Should You Choose our Premium Boot/Trunk 3D Mats?

1. Premium Luxurious Design – providing unrivalled class, prestige, and uniqueness to your interior
2. Easy to Install – well designed, easy to set and can be installed in less than 2 minutes.
3. Custom Made for Your Boot/Trunk Only – every set is built based on your specific vehicles precise measurements ensuring perfect fit and coverage.
4. Easily Cleaned and Maintained – no need to remove your mats again, simple vacuum then wipe down with a cloth and water is all that is needed. Dirt cannot reach your original carpet anymore.
5. Interior Protection and Increased Re-sale Value – Our mats provide unrivalled boot/trunk protection, covering the entirety of your boot/trunks original carpet whilst transforming the looks. Can maintain and increase your vehicles value.

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5 seater (driver, passenger and 2nd row), 7 seater (3 row coverage), 8 seater, Front Row Only (driver and passenger mats)